Our Values



1. We believe every person was born with unique beauty, skills, and life purpose/mission - which can be discovered and pursued in order to reach ultimate enjoyment of life and happines.


2. We believe in biodiversity. Each person is entitled to full assessment and consideration of specific options and solutions.


3. We believe in holistic approaches to the person: mind, body, soul and spirit


4. We believe in protecting, respecting and - as much as possible - enriching people's:

- Dignity and well-being - regardless of colour, creed, nationality, status age and income

- Right to have personal experiences, tastes, morals, life and social values.

- Right to make choices, to be in charge of one's own growth, healing, direction and life planning, and to live with the consequences.

- Right for support, guidance, integration and accountability within a healthy family and/or community.