Our individual and group sessions are focused on lasting solutions and building lifetime skills.



counselling for adults and children
For individuals, couples, parents, kids, teens. Meaning, relationships, depression, anxiety, addiction. More


purpose and health holistic coaching
Holistic health coaching for mind, body and soul. Nutrition coaching, purpose and dream coaching. More


supervised access and reports to court
Supervised visitation and exchange for parents. Qualified staff. Visits in the community and public places. More


NEW: CyberCounselling services available, serving remote customers by phone, chat, Skype, E-mail, etc.




Our programs are served by a multi-dsciplinary team of naturopaths, nutritionists, herbologists, counsellors and coaches. Some programs can be bundled to get one at 1/2 PRICE or FREE!


Weight Loss

counselling for adults and children Natural, holistic, customizable to fit your needs and goals. Several packages to choose from More

Brain Health

purpose and health holistic coaching Increase focus, speed, sharpess, clarity. Reduce brain fog, mental exhaustion, memory issues. More

Soul Health

supervised access and reports to court Discover and unleash more of yourself; life purpose, happiness, creativity, vision, spirituality... More



Educational Programs


Coaching Skills

develop coaching skills to monetize your passion
Put your expertise to work for you, while you better lives. Become a coach and join our supportive community. More

Business Readiness

get ready to start your business
Get ready to turn your passion or hobby into a business, and receive ongoing support as you build it. More