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Soul Health


dream coaching, holistic health coaching, spiritual coaching


Our Soul Health Program is served by a multi-dsciplinary team of naturopaths, nutritionists, herbologists, counsellors and coaches.


This is a 6 to 24 week holistic program helping you feel better about yourself and happier with your life.


The Soul Health Program will help you:

- discover and unleash more of yourself

- work through emotional issues, life disappointments and/or trauma

- identify and remove stumbling blocks in your life

- discover or better define your life purpose

- build a healthy support network

- boost your creativity and ability to dream

- answer existential questions, revive spirituality


The Soul Health Program includes (as needed) a combination of:

- Counselling

- Health assessment (naturopath, nutritionist, herbologist)

- Custom supplementation plan

- Nutrition and lifestyle coaching

- Purpose and dream/vision coaching

- Spiritual counselling/coaching


Combo options:

- Soul Health is 1/2 PRICE when combined with Brain Health or up to 5 months of Weight Loss

- Soul Health is FREE when combined with 6 months or more of Weight Loss