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dream coaching, holistic health coaching, spiritual coaching

Coaching is most suitable when you need assistance to develop your dream or vision, and to create the proper steps and structure to reach it. A dream can be anything: losing weight, getting healthier, finding a job, building social skills, pursuing a career, starting a business or a hobby, buying a house, helping a cause. finding a mate, etc. Coaching will help you clarify your life purpose, choose dreams congruent with your purpose, become intentional, assess beliefs, address doubts, build strategies and schedules, access/build the resources and... start reaching for your dream or vision.


With coaching, you are the expert on yourself, while your coach only provides the structure and facilitates your journey from where you are to where you want to be. For this reason, coaches must be good facilitators - but usually they are not required to be experts, to have high education, or to be licensed. Our coaching services are, however, provided by professionals who already have Master's degrees in Counselling and are licensed therapists. They will take the role of facilitators while coaching, bu tare always ready to take the expert hat, if necessary. This allows a client to switch between therapy and coaching as needed, working with the same professional they are already comfortable with. However, the role of the professonal (coach or counsellor) must be clear at each stage, as it comes with different approach and expectations, and it is more or less governed by specific professional norms and regulations.


Our coaching services cater to all ages, and include the following programs. You can choose to take one program or all, but not at the same time.

- Dream or Vision Coaching

- Holistic Health Coaching

- Spiritual Coaching


Each coaching program consists of 12 one-hour-sessions delivered either weekly over 3 months, or biweekly over 6 months. Coaching sessions can be in-person, or you participate over the phone/skype from the comfort or your home or office.


Cost. Depending on location and trainer availability, you may choose between individual sessions ($90/person), buddy sessions ($65/person), and group sessions ($45/person). Yes, the cost of coaching is higher than counselling because we provide highly educated coaches who also work for you between sessions, assessing your inividual work and providing valuable feedback.


Payment. Coaching sessions must be paid at the beginning of each month, for the whole month. We send you an invoice by email. You just click on the link and pay in advance with credit card or Paypal. (NOTE: All transactions are run through our Paypal, but you don't have to have a Paypal account. As soon as you click on the payment link, you can choose the option to pay with credit card.) For in-person sessions you can also pay cash (no cheques!), for one month at a time, at the beginning of each month. Some coaches also have Square payment on their phone, which allows you to pay with credit card instead of cash (this option is only possible when you meet in-person).


Rescheduling of individual sessions must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or we charge 50% of your regular pay for that session. Just keep in mind that there is a limit to rescheduling, as it disrupts the coach's schedule. Please note that buddy and group coaching sessions can not be rescheduled, you still have to pay for the session you can't atend, but you are allowed to make up for it with another group.