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counselling for adults, teens and kids

Counselling is most suitable when your goal is to deal with matters of the heart, emotions, relationships, reactions, behaviours, etc. - when you seek inner growth or healing. Given the vulnerability of the client, counselling must follow strict ethical standards and is controled by the government through binding rules and regulations. Counsellors must be experts in their field, highly educated and members of reputable counselling associations. Our counsellors have Master's degrees and are members of BCACC (British Columbia Associaton of Clinical Counsellors).


After establishing the counsellor-client relationship and making a therapy plan (which usually takes 3 or more full sessions), we give the option of maintenance mini-sessions over the phone. Mini-sessions are meant to remove blocks, to adjust the therapy plan as needed, and to keep clients accountable for continuing the process of healing and growth.


We provide counselling for all ages and most issues, including:

- Individual counselling - self-image, assertiveness and communication patterns, differentiation, stress, conflict, anxiety, depression, weight issues, anger, grief, addictions, abuse, divorce, pain management, work conflict.

- Crime Victim Assistance Program - we are CVAP-approved. We provide counselling to victims of crime who are registered with CVAP for counselling sessions - in order to deal with the aftermath of crime harm. This service is FREE to the client, as CVAP pays us for the number of sessions they pre-approve for each client.

- Couples Counselling - premarital, compatibility, marriage enrichment, attachment, intimacy, separation, reconciliation, trust, priorities, love languages

- Family Counselling - parents-kids relationships, adult children issues, sibling rivalry, lost child, family scapegoat

- Parenting Counselling - managing challenging behaviour, atachment, adoption, single-parenting, blended families, involvement of Ministry and child protection issues

- Kids & Teens Counselling - withdrawal, anger, poor social skills, bullying, abuse, absent parent, low self image, addictions, self-harming behaviour. (Kids and teens love the balloon animals we make for them during sessions, to help externalize the issues they can't talk about. It becomes fun, it takes away their sense of being seen as the family problem and sent to be fixed.)

- Spiritual Counselling - purpose, meaning, forgiveness issues, existential questions, secrecy, abandonment, nightmares, fear, recurrent issues, mental torture, ocult involvement, generational curses, bondages, strongholds, spiritual abuse, deliverance, etc. No hocus pocus, just empowering the client with knowledge about their spiritual authority and basic spiritual defense. The truth thats sets free.


Cost of counselling depends on length of session (usually 50 min.) and number of participants in a session. Individual counselling is $80/hour, while couples and family counselling is $100/hour. Sharing of cost between participants is encouraged, so that all are motivated to cooperate with the therapy.


Payment. Each time you make an appointment, we send you an invoice by email. You click on the link and pay in advance with credit card or Paypal. (NOTE: all transactions are run through our Paypal, but you don't have to have a Paypal account. You can click on the option to pay with credit card.) For in-person sessions you can also pay cash (no cheques!) at the beginning of each session. Some counsellors also have Square payment on their phone, which allows you to pay with credit card at the beginning of each session.


Rescheduling must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or we charge 50% of your regular pay for that session.