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Weight Loss


dream coaching, holistic health coaching, spiritual coaching


Our Weight Loss Program is served by a multi-dsciplinary team of naturopaths, nutritionists, herbologists, counsellors and coaches.


Our Weight Loss Packages are:

1. START; 6-week program - improving metabolism, nutrition and lifestyle to stop adding weight and to start burning the accumulated fat.

2. TRIM (Base 1): 12-week program - start trimmming inches and pounds.

3. SLIM (Base 2); 24-week program - lose 1/3 of your overweight, up to 50 lb (22 Kg)

4. POWER (Base 3): 48-week program - lose over 2/3 of your overweight, up to 100 lb (45 Kg)

5. MEMBERSHIP (Home Run): two-year program including any of the above package to reach your weight loss goals. plus monthly maintenance for the rest of the program.

6. CUSTOM: - Any combination of our available services to fit your specific weight loss goals, timeframe, and budget.